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Asuma.Com is a Complete Internet Presence Provider -- our services range from small and inexpensive areas for Personal Home Pages, Email POP and Forwarding Accounts to Dedicated Server Co-location at a professional Network Operations Centre. We are connected via multiple T1 and DS-3 Internet connections leading directly to three independent major backbones. We do not charge you for bandwidth, have a customer support forum, an extensive customer guide/FAQ, 24 hour/365 day server monitoring and technical support, perform daily backups, offer many special/non-standard services, lots of software for free use installed on our servers, give special discounts to resellers, and more -- all at very competitive prices.

We specialize in International Customers and have good speed and accessibility to our servers from anywhere in the world.

We have launched Webmail, a web-based email client that allows you to pick up your email anytime from anywhere in the world! Features include Spam filters for all POP3 accounts, spell check, domain block, and an address book. Each account can store up to 5MB of email and accepts messages up to 2MB including attachments

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